Monday, July 23, 2012

The Emperor's Edge

A high fantasy novel in the age of steam. Reviewed by Jorja Davis 7/7/2012

Buroker, Lindsay. The Emperor’s Edge. Ebook creation by Dellastar Designs 2010. Rated PG Violence: Young Adult and Adult

Imperial law enforcer Amaranthe Lokdon is sent by the emperor’s regent to seduce and kill Sicarius, the empire’s most notorious assassin. Either the regent believes she is implacable or they want her eliminated. While searching for a secret way out of the palace dungeons she over hears what seems to be a plot to poison the young emperor, Sespasian.

Amaranthe begins to gather an unlikely band of heroes and comes across a deadly fire on the waterfront. She finds arson covering human sacrifice and a powerful coalition’s machinations to take down the empire.

Brouker brings to print adventure, romance, and mystery in a fast paced fantasy. Her characters are flesh and blood and bring fresh, humorous and lively dialogue to this well thought out urban fantasy. 

Lindsay Buroker

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