Monday, July 9, 2012

Evan Angler. Swipe
Thomas Nelson Publishers. April 2012. 
ISBN - 10: 140031836X. ISBN - 13: 978-1400318360.

Logan Langley's thirteenth birthday is approaching. He should be excited. Getting The Mark is the transition to adulthood. The Mark is a tattoo required by law in the American Union, the only way to access food, services, life and livelihood.

 Five years ago, when his sister went to make her pledge and receive The Mark, she didn't come home, and Logan is noticing it happens to others as well. So, Logan is beginning to think The Mark may not be best for everyone. 

Logan feels like he is being watched. Things in his room are moved or missing. When he is out and about he notices shadows and hears movements that indicated he is under scrutiny.

Then, Erin moves into small-town Spokie from Beacon City, half a continent away. Her father works for the Department of Marked Emergencies and is in Spokie to find and eliminate Dust - the unmarked.

The twists and turns begin. What is DOME really doing? Where is the Dust? Can Logan and Erin find answers before Logan takes his pledge?

Older elementary, tweens, teens and adults alike will enjoy this near future dystopian American Union seeking global unity where here is no conflict, no religion, no war - or, is there? Rick Riordan meets Suzanne Collins in Evan Angler'swell-crafted first novel. Non-stop suspense kept me reading when I needed to be doing other things.

Watch for Sneak, the sequel, to be released on September 4, 2012.

Evan Angler. Sneak.
Thomas Nelson Publishers. September 4, 2012.
ISBN-10: 400318424
ISBN-13: 978-14003-18421

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