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Anita Estes

Anita Estes

Anita Estes resides in upstate New York with her husband and son. Her family also includes two grown daughters. Estes teaches art and photographs the beauty of nature in the Hudson Valley where she lives.

As the mother of a prodigal child Anita Estes found her way to scriptural prayer “to pray against addictions and for releasing captives” (since God promises His Word will not return void).

Delving deeper, she also used breakthrough prayer. Estes says, “Breakthrough prayer relies on the Holy Spirit to reveal areas of strongholds.  Another component is the continuance of prayer until an answer or breakthrough is received. This could be done in one session, multiple times of prayer throughout the day, week, month or year, depending how long the problem persists. Breakthrough prayer often involves intercessory prayer (standing in the gap and praying for a person, place or area), praise and thanksgiving as well as spirit led prayer, and sometimes a particular word of wisdom or spiritual insight into a problem.”

Once involved in breakthrough prayer, Estes became a prayer warrior. She says, “A prayer warrior is often in a state of prayer for a particular purpose, usually they intercede for others with an intensity born of God. A prayer warrior is also sensitive to the Holy Spirit and prays with passion and power that comes from above. Prayer warriors can often see more clearly into the spiritual realm and hear the voice of God more plainly. Their prayers are often directed by the Holy Spirit and divinely inspired. They are usually people who do not give up easily, pray passionately, and trust God to answer according to His will.”

This path dropped Estes to her knees, and raised her up to dance in prayer and praise as she prayed first for her prodigal son and then for others who shared his life controlling issues. Through her writing, Anita Estes longs “to help her readers know God better, to actively help them to achieve their potential in Him, and to encourage them in their spiritual walk.” Estes reaches out through her writing and ministry to comfort the brokenhearted.

When God Speaks: 40 Days and 40 Nights of His Promises ©2005 is dedicated to the men and women who revealed the power of God’s promises to Estes. This book is structured as a daily devotional including a scripture reference, a story that develops the promise carried within the scripture, a prayer, a daily application, and a nighttime reflection. It encourages the reader to connect with scripture and even more to connect with the God whose Word carries the power to create and change the circumstances of daily life. She includes five Focus Articles that carry us deeper into God’s promises as they are fulfilled in everyday life.

Her son’s experience at the Transformation Life Center led to compiling and editing the stories of men who, with help, dealt with and overcame their own life-controlling issues. Transformed: Inspiring Stories of Freedom ©2011 (now published by Lighthouse of the Carolinas) contains true stories that will bring hope and healing to parents and families as well as those they love who live daily with life-controlling issues such as addiction to drugs or alcohol. 

Letters to God on a Prodigal Son: Overcoming Addiction through Prayer  ©2011 is a frank and candid journal of one mother’s struggle with her child’s life-controlling issues. She offers lessons learned, suggestions, prayers and promises from her journal written from 2006 through 2009.

All three of these books have been self-published. Estes says she learned the hard way to handle feedback, preparation for publication, and copyediting. “When I published my first book, I ordered ten copies and then I saw all the mistakes in it, mainly typos. I re-edited it and also had some writers edit it.

“The next book was a bit of a fiasco since I was working to meet a deadline. I should have learned from my first experience and ordered a paper copy to edit, but I didn’t. The mistakes on the computer draft weren’t caught, and I ordered one hundred copies. I was embarrassed when a number of typos showed up in the last story because I rushed to meet the deadline. I then had other people edit it. It was distributed through a Christian rehab, “Transformation Life Center” and later picked up by the present publisher Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas.

“Finally, by my third book I got it right and ordered preview copies and then had it professionally edited.  Doing the whole process from start to finish was a big learning curve for me, especially the book cover and editing. I recommend professional editing as it’s difficult for writers to see their own mistakes, especially on the computer. “

Anita Estes’s work appears in several devotionals and compilations including The Upper Room, God Allows U-Turns, A Cup of Comfort Book of Prayer, and Deliver Me. Most recently Estes has published inspirational stories in a number of Christian on-line magazines such as Scarlet Thread and Living Better at 50.  She is also the Albany area spiritual examiner for

Estes says, “When my children were younger, they were my first priority and I didn’t write a lot. For a number of years I only worked part-time, this provided  a little free time to write. However, once I started working full time, juggling my different roles as a Christian, mother, wife and a career woman was more of a challenge. Once the children got older and began to leave the house, I had more time to write, self-publish, market, speak at and attend conferences.

“Finding venues for selling and promoting books is sometimes a problem, especially in the Northeast. Here many Christian bookstores have closed and there aren’t as many conferences that want speakers. However, speaking at churches and events like “Aglow” are great ways to books into the public eye. I have also had success with local newspapers and book signings.

“Only recently I’ve become involved with on-line marketing. It’s not my favorite, though I do enjoy meeting new people on-line, and there is one great group: John 3:16 Christian Marketing and several good Christian on-line writing groups.”

Estes hopes to publisher her first novel The Dividing Stone by the Fall of 2013. The main theme of The Dividing Stone centers on the power of prayer and spiritual warfare to overcome demonic forces of witchcraft, which are wreaking havoc in area churches. Watch also for another daily devotional, Heaven Calling.

To her readers, Anita Estes says, “Don’t quit or give up. Persevere and surrender all to God in prayer and trust Him with everything. Listen to the Spirit, love like Jesus, and forgive like God. Don’t forget to laugh at yourself once in a while and with others. Stay focused on your call or vision and spend time listening to what God is directing you to do.”

In the end, Estes wants to be remembered as “a woman with a spirit like David’s. She loved God, her family and friends, and life in that order. She prayed and danced her heart out for them, and tried to love, and not hate, her enemies, except for the adversary of our souls. “

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Anita Estes. Letters to God, on a Prodigal Son: Overcoming Addiction through Prayer. ©2011 Published by Transformation House. ISBN: 9780982651018

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