Monday, July 2, 2012

My Abuelita

My Abuelita
ISBN: 978-0-15-216330-3

Abuelita’s hair is the color of salt. Her face is as crinkled chile. She booms out words as round as dimes and as wild as blossoms blooming. Her grandson knows he has the most spectacular grandmother ever – with a tremendously powerful job. What could Abuelita’s job be?

Sprinkled with Spanish and infused with love, My Abuelita, is a glorious celebration of family, imagination, and the power of story.

Abuelita and her grandson swoop and dance and yodel their way through the morning, while the cat, Frida Kahlo, sings for huevos estrellados – starry eggs. The language is brilliant and the illustrations dazzling.

Don’t miss the YouTube video of Yuyi Morales and Tim and Kelly O’Meara creating the illustrations.

Let’s create a stupendous list of grandparent books.  We now have All the World and My Abuelita. 

What books would you add?

Tony Johnston
Yuyi Morales

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