Friday, January 25, 2013

Chapman, Vannetta. A Simple Amish Christmas.

A Simple Amish ChristmasChapman, Vannetta. A Simple Amish Christmas. Abingdon Press, 2010. ISBN: 1426710666 Rated G – Adults and Young Adult 
Annie Weaver returns to her Amish home and roots when her father’s buggy is hit by a car. She drops everything and comes home to Mifflin County from Philadelphia, where during her rumspringa, she has secretly gotten her GED and received her RN degree.

Expecting to nurse her father back to health, she is peeved when Samuel Yoder “a farmer with a minimal knowledge regarding herbs and medicinal workings” shows her three times how to dress her father’s infected wound.

Chapman has written another warm, innocently sweet romance. Annie comes to understand God’s intent for her life along with realizing how she can use what she has learned to support not only her father, but to assist the rest of her community, and even Samuel Yoder.

Image of Vannetta Chapman“Not your average” Amish novel. Chapman incorporates not only her knowledge of all things Amish, but of human nature and love whether found in caring for young cancer patients in a modern hospital, but in a simple farm house where a difficult birth calls on bravery and gentleness.

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